ACCEPTED YEAR ROUND:  Children’s and specialty books (no novels please), DVD movies, music CD’s, jewelry, light and medium weight shirts, T-shirts, jeans, sneakers, shoes and all maternity and nursing items.

JANUARY THRU JUNE:  Accepting Spring and Summer Items.  This includes shorts, crop pants, swimsuits, lighter pants, sleeveless items, lightweight jackets, sandals, and rain gear.

AUGUST THRU DECEMBER:  Accepting Fall and Winter items.  This includes pull over sweaters, heavier pants, turtlenecks, winter outerwear, corduroy, fleece & velour items, winter boots, gloves and hats.

● ALL ITEMS MUST BE CLEAN AND IN EXCELLENT CONDITION.  Clothes should be freshly laundered, right side out, zipped, buttoned, snapped and folded neatly.  All other items must be clean, complete, and in working condition.

● NO HOLES, STAINS, OR ITEMS NEEDING MENDING WILL BE ACCEPTED.  Items smelling bad, smelling like smoke, or covered with lint or animal fur will not be priced for sale.

● CHILDREN’s CLOTHING:  Clothing accepted in children’s sizes 0 - 18,   Please limit the amount of children’s clothing brought in a week to the equivalent of 2 paper shopping bags or 25 items, whichever is greater.

● ADULT CLOTHING: Please limit adult items to fifteen items a week.   All Junior, Misses, Women’s, and Men’s sizes are considered adult items even if they were worn by someone you consider a child.  Out of date clothing will not be priced at the discretion of Trendy Threads.  Underwear will only be accepted if brand new.

● MATERNITY + NURSING WEAR:  All of these items will be accepted year round.  There are no limits on the quantity of these items that you can bring in.

● SHOES:  Quality leather shoes, sneakers, sandals (summer item), boots (winter item) will only be accepted if in like new condition.

● JEWELRY:  We’re looking for better quality costume jewelry which had an original selling price of $15.00 or more.

● BOOKS, MOVIES & Music CD’s:   Quality Children’s and specialty books in excellent, like new condition, are accepted year round.  Books that have torn pages, broken bindings or have been scribbled in are not  pages, broken bindings or have been scribbled in are not acceptable. DVD Movies accepted if in cases and run time exceeds 30 minutes. (no X rated DVD's please)  Music CD’s must be in excellent condition.  

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● ITEMS NOT ACCEPTED:  We do not accept household items, toys, stuffed animals, jig-saw puzzles, car seats, bath rings and tubs, potty chairs, diaper disposals/pails, breast pumps and baby bottles.

● Items not meeting these standards will be disposed of at a charge equal to the cost of handling and disposing of these items.  Items that are cleaned, laundered and/or mended by the store or brought in “off season” will become the property of Trendy Threads.

● PRICING:  Prices are set by Trendy Threads and will vary depending on condition, brand name, and current inventory.  Consignors will receive forty percent (40%) of the selling price when items are sold.  All items in the store will be considered part of any sale or sales promotion that Trendy Threads may offer.
● PAYMENTS TO CONSIGNORS: Credits to your account will be calculated on a regular basis.  You can pick up credit or apply any credit you have towards a purchase at any time.  A fifty cent processing fee will be deducted from any checks that are requested to be mailed.  

● PRICED ITEMS WILL BE DISPLAYED FOR SALE FOR FOUR MONTHS.  After three months, they will be marked at half price. Items that have not sold in four months will become the property of Trendy Threads and will be disposed of as the store deems fit.  Unsold items will not be held for the consignor. Unsold items can be picked up by the consignor during the first 4 months they are priced.  Please do not bring back any items that have been picked up.

● NO APPOINTMENTS:  Clothing and other items may be brought to Trendy Threads during normal business hours.  Absolutely no leaving of items on porch when store is not open.  Please label bags with current name, address and phone number and consignor code if you know it.  Items are priced in the same order in which they are received.  Depending on volume of items coming in, there may be a waiting period of 2 to 4 weeks before your items are available for purchase.

● QUESTIONS?  Stop by or give us a call.

Trendy Threads Consignor Guidelines

Not accepting any items after February 28, 2019
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